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For Questions or Concerns About Either of the Programs Below, Please Contact SIHA at: 509-818-1460

SIHA Housing Unit Rental Program

Under which occupants lease units for an initial term acceptable to the Housing Authority and the tenant, followed by a month to month tenancy.

SIHA Weatherization Program

Spokane Indian Housing Authority Weatherization (SIHA WX) program does diagnostic testing for health and safety to confirm the need for air sealing and prescribed insulating in attics and crawlspace floor joists, SIHA WX also installs whole house bath fans for health and indoor air quality along with energy conservation measures and education to educate single family home owners and renters to help keep energy bills to a minimum.

SIHA Home Ownership Program

Whereby a homebuyer enters into an agreement with the Housing Authority which creates an opportunity for the family to eventually purchase a home.

SIHA Home Improvement Loan Program

The Home Improvement Loan Program provides current and paid off home buyers a financial resource to make necessary improvements to their home. This program is restricted to the original home. The home improvement loan may supplement or replace the Equity Use Policy for improvements or other housing emergencies.

SIHA Down Payment Assistance Program

This program offered by the Spokane Indian Housing Authority provides interest-free loans (down payment assistance), forgivable over a 10-year period, to assist homebuyers with the purchase or construction of a single family home in standard condition, located on or to be located on the Spokane Indian Reservation.

SIHA Equity Use Program (MEPA)

This policy provides guidance for the the primary goal of the equity paid in by the Homebuyers is used for payoff of the home.Please see Equity use policy for regulations and restrictions.

Temporary Programs

Temporary Emergency Rental Assistance